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Thursday, November 5th, 2015
1:04 pm - Parallel, Yet Connected

Ironically funny how Life is... Is anyone still here in the realm? [knock knock]

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Saturday, July 12th, 2008
11:22 pm - July 18th full moon blessing/cleansing

 I am going to do another full moon cleansing/blessing ritual on the 18th of JULY 2008..  

The last month brought such a great response (over 50 people who wanted some positive light)  that I have decided to continue on with this idea..

If you would like some positive energy sent your way please reply back to this thread via a comment and I assure you I will write your name down and focus my energy that night for you..

You are also, more than welcome to join me in this ritual this night by simultaneously joining in and doing your own ritual at home.. (the invocation can be found on my LJ homepage if you wish to use it)  

We all need positive energy in our lives. =) BELIEVE IN KARMA.

Blessed be friends.

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Wednesday, June 18th, 2008
7:56 pm - =) and mote it be!! (about june full moon blessing)


I really enjoyed this experience with you all!  i feel very empowered and i hope you will have positive energy flowing through you soon!!

for all that wanted to be involved and help out ..thank you! you know who you are.. and like i said, a simultaneous energy flow does not harm anyone but is better for all..

for all that have wanted their name put down for the blessing.. i did not forget you!! i promise you this =) i had written eveyone who wanted to be written down and others also that they wanted positive energy too as well.. it was a FANTASTIC RESPONSE and i applaude everyone for pushing this energy forward to people.. yes.. believe in karma.. =)

i propose we do this ritual MONTHLY =) what do you all suggest??  i'll keep everyone posted (always a month in advance) so that there is time to gather names.. 


Blessings friends..

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Saturday, June 7th, 2008
5:04 pm - how do you get rid of someone elses energy?

 I'm not sure if I am the only one who experiences this.. maybe because my clairsentient ability is quite high, im not sure..

When I am talking to someone and or consulting with them I can easilty tune in to what they are feeling and react according to it.  

I'm only asking because I had a person who I was reading for yesterday who was very very emotionally upset-
 to the point of being angry and mad at her situation and just couldn't see the clairity that I was trying to offer her..

It was so hard for me to get rid of her energy link after the reading, that had to take a breather -literally- outside, to get in touch with natures natural positive energy and balance myself once again.

So here is the discussion question to which I am posting now.

 Q:   How do you as an empath get rido of the psychic link after the session is complete?

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Thursday, June 5th, 2008
6:51 pm - June 18th 2008 cleansing/ blessing healing last update!

Hi there,

Just want to write a final general post to anyone else who is interested in having a cleansing/ blessing and healing for them and others they have named.

My first initial posting about this was close to a month ago and I feel blessed by the amount of people whe had replied and asked to have their name written down.  Thank you once again for accepting the positive energy i am sending out into the world and know that I will focus all my naural talents and abilities on your name when the time comes.

If anyone else is interesting for me to send positive energy out your way, please do not hesitate to leave a comment.

What a beautiful night it will be when the ritual is performed! 

Blessed be

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Friday, May 30th, 2008
8:33 pm - about my guardian angel.


I asked to see my Guardian Angel the other night and this is what he looks like:

My Guardian Angel is a male.  

He is strong and powerful with broad sholders.  

He has brown middle length wavy hair and he come down to visit me when I ask for protection surrounded with an aura of bright white light.  

He scoops me up in his arms (I feel the warmth and protection that surrounds him) and we shoot up nito the sky fast-flying.   

He lets me feel free flying around with him and all my worries and doubts pass through my body as they get carried away by the wind.

Once I am calm, he gently me back to our meeting place.

We bow to each other to show respect and part with positive unconditional love until we see each other again.

That is what my Guardian Angel looks like.

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Tuesday, May 27th, 2008
9:23 am - Angel of Death

Angel of Death: (Malakh ha-Mavet, Mar Mavet, Malach Ahzari). God’s agent of death in the world and the most dreaded of all numinous beings.


First mentioned in Biblical literature simply as Mavet (personified Death), ha-Mashchit (the Destroyer), Malach-Adonai (Angel of the Lord),


And the Angel of the Lord went out and attacked the Assyrian camp; One hundred eighty-five thousand. And when they arose in the morning, they were all dead bodies. (Isaiah 37:36)


in later literature the title “Angel of Death” becomes conventional. God created the Angel on the first day, along with light. The various legends about the Angel are so diverse it is hard to reconcile them all….for the complete article, go to www.ejmmm2007.blogspot.com

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Tuesday, May 20th, 2008
5:14 pm - A quick blessing for the moonchild of the night.

 May I be guided, by my higher powers, may I be healed and blessed by all.
May I be able to hear the miusic, may I be able to hear the call.

Blessed is the one who follows the rule of the light,
The moon is called upon us all, blessed be the one tonight.

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Tuesday, May 13th, 2008
7:24 pm - Full Moon (June 18th 2008) Spiritual Blessing

 Hi All,

I have decided to conduct Spiritual Cleansing and Blessings not only for my benifit but for yours too.  

Sometimes, I need to call on a higher power to guide and protect me in my life and I thought that I might share this exerience with whoever would like to be involved.

I am conducting a Spiritual cleansing and blessing on the night of the Full Moon.  If you would like to me to focus my energy on you during my session please comment back.  

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Sunday, May 11th, 2008
6:29 pm

Does anybody know any excercises which I could do daily which will strengthen my psychic ability?

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10:12 am

 Sometimes it is hard to brush off other peoples energies.  I find i get quite exhausted and tired after a while, and i guess that just means im sensitive in my clairsentient gift.  But to me the best way to clear this is through a form of meditation.

I will sit somewhere comfortable (anywhere that i am drawn to) and just listen.  Sometimes, i close my eyes and let my vision sense take over.

I am most comfortable and relaxed when i let my natural gift come through for me and because of it i have realised that is how i waken my soul to its fullest potential.


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12:05 am - new member to your community


Hi All,

I just wanted to say hello to everyone in this community.

Just a little about myself:

For a very long time, I've been quite aware of how "different" i was.  It was only at about high school that i started to accept and embrace my natural abilities of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience.

I noticed more vivid images, words, and feelings related to people around me.  

With the validation from my friends (i had often just told them things and they would come back days or even weeks later saying what i said was correct) i started to nutrure my abilities at my own pace.  I learned cleansing techniques, healing teachinques and reading techniques, all which have fine tuned me to who i am present.

I am not ashamed of my ability, and no one who possess some sort of connection to the spiritual realm should either.  I embrace it and let it guide me to my rightful direction and purpose.  

So that is why I am here! The journey of fine tuning ones ability will never cease especially if it is something that i feel strongly about.  I joined this community so sthat i can better myself and also along the way better other peoples concerns as well.

I have been practicing my ability for about 7 years now and have slowly slowly been able to open up to my friends and family about my abilities.  I guess the reading that i do for them all though out the years have validated it all for me.

If you are interested in a reading please, do not hesitate to contact me for more information: oracle.reading@yahoo.com.au

contact me if you feel that you are drawn to do so- that only means that we are ment to cross paths sometime in this lifetime.

once again,  i am looking forward to hearing you comments and thoughts on topics that have been and will be posted within this community.


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Monday, May 28th, 2007
2:53 am - .............

dont know if i should be writing at all cuz im not at home and shit..... but imma try to do this without pissing anyone around me off.
i hate having my period and shit.. men act like you have the chicken pox and shit. but its ok... i guess. well no its not cuz its pissing me the fuck off right now that my man wont even fuck me cuz he "scared" of the fact that i have my period. but im good. i gotta go home and get ready for work and shit. an i dont want to! this week is gonna be very tiring and aggravating cuz i have my period. im mad right now and trying not to take it out on him but to be honest its just too easy cuz hes sitting in my face. i gotta call Kenneth and get up with him and catch up on old times and stuff... i know he going crazy now that my phone is off and shit. Kartel is not playing any games... he wants me to come through and let him get at it... but i cant do that. i wont do that. he is a very chill nigga and i still like him after about a year now and shit. but i gotta control myself and not let that nigga get to me like that.what the fuck... why cant i ever win when i want to? its so much that i could be doing on my own time that i wont do cuz i dont want to hurt Claude... tony is still trying to get it in and i have thought about it but i cant do it out of love and respect for Claude. Ashley and i havent talked in about two weeks and i think its a good idea that we dont start to talk either, cuz i know his intentions arent good for me and its not going to be that easy for me to lie about what ive done with him, to Claude. i been trying to be on the up and up with him this far so im not trying to fuck it up now. on another note.. this distance shits going to be the end of us in my opinion. cuz he know how i am and i know how he wants me to act and then theres the issues of sex... and issue that i dont get much of and can very easily. Justin has been calling me crazy and i know that he came to the house a few times looking for me ... thank god i wasnt at home. im not avoiding him but im trying to keep myself out of that situation all together. the summer is coming very soon and i know how shit is gonna get with me and tae and the rest of the crew when it gets hot and shit. i feel like im slipping... i know that Kenneth and i are just trying to be friends but i know that that wont last that long. we are too into our history with each other not to think about it or want it to happen. i love him... but i have to be the woman that Claude wants me to be. cuz i dont want to lose him. i love him too... its just the history that me and Kenneth have. i been staying away from him so i wont be tempted and im doing very good with that. but theres gonna come a time when i have to stop running and face him. and that will be one hell of a fucking test of love and will-power. and this will tell me how much love i have for Claude.. and how much will-power i have in myself.

current mood: restless

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Monday, April 16th, 2007
8:17 pm - A Celestial Role-Playing Experience


Date Last Posted: April 17, 2007
Format: Livejournal / AIM
Genre: In Nomine
Name: 66th and Sixth to Crucifix
Contact: dalaitja @ aim.com | AIM: Another Lord

Minimum Age Requirement: Players should be over 17.
Deadline: No deadline; game officially started on Friday, May 11th.

Angels, Demons, and ExorcistsCollapse )

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Thursday, January 25th, 2007
12:28 pm - Introduction

Hi my name is Beverley *Peaceful Wolf* and I am an eclectic Wiccan. I discovered Wicca later in life (I'm 55 and have only been practicing for a few years now), but have found my peace in the calm of this ancient and beautiful religion. I've found that my calling is to help others in their everyday practice of Wicca and other spiritual religions. In discovering this I have opened a small business to sell spiritual products at low prices. I hope this is ok to post, if not let me know and I'll delete it. I've added a link to my website for everyone to view if they would like. I look forward to reading about everyones practices and beliefs and hopefully learning something new about my own.

~Blessed Be~


current mood: calm

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Wednesday, August 30th, 2006
4:56 pm - Heaven and Hell.


In Nomine: 66th and Sixth to Crucifix is a modern role-playing game set in New York City, in which writers can take on the part of Angels and Demons as they struggle for control of humanity and themselves -- celestial beings who, powerful though they may be, are merely pawns in a much larger game being played by their Superiors, the Archangels and Demon Princes.

Interested players can find out more about joining by visiting the website.

* Please delete if this is not allowed.

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Monday, August 28th, 2006
3:01 pm
















CORNELL 917-543-2767


TRICEY 917-420-7979


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Tuesday, August 15th, 2006
2:04 am - Ethereality Chapter One

Pierce found himself wandering down Washington St in the direction of downtown. He was on a bridge that straddled a small park, one of his favorite places to sit and think. He wrote there in his journal very frequently. Behind him was not only the obvious direction from which he came, but also the path back to his stalled and now disabled car. More importantly, what lie behind the car was a place he once called home. For a moment his steps slowed, faltered, stopped.
Then his pace sped up, matching and then surpassing the rate of his former departure. It seemed like an eternity to walk just two blocks. Or maybe it was the heat battering down on him, so unforgiving. The summer heat was still very prevalent, even in early October. It didn’t help that he was wearing a long sleeve button up shirt. When his air-conditioned car first broke down, only the very top button was free. After his car failed to restart and he began his walk, as the high temperature began to work on him, he grew more and more uncomfortable. Every few minutes he would release another button. It wasn’t until the second time that he realized he was undoing them. By now, three buttons were loose, his shirt almost half parted, hoping to catch a breeze that just might come his way. Might was a very strong word in this case.
His thoughts drifted to his sister; what would she do when she realized he was gone? He knew what she would. She would freak out, go through the stuff he had left behind, see if maybe there was a clue, a name or number, and address or something to indicate where he had gone. There was nothing. She would try to find a number for his friends, try contacting one to see if he had spoken to them before leaving, if they knew... something. The trouble was Pierce didn’t have any friends. Just another reason he was leaving.
Next she would jump into her car, curse herself for not having left sooner, for stupidly searching through his things when she should have been out looking for him. She would drive around for hours trying to find him until finally she would call the police. The entire time, the “incident’ would be replaying over and over in her mind.
What if, what if, what if...
He tried telling himself that leaving was for the best. Something inside of him wouldn’t stop declaring the fact that he was fleeing. In his own mind, he spun around, stared Doubt and Uncertainty with an evil glare and they promptly went away. No such luck in the real world.
He sighed to no one in particular, at a loss. It felt so foolish on the one hand, but what else was there to do?
Pierce batted away the gnats that hovered around, attracted by the perspiration that began to cover his entire body. Sweat began to slide down his back; his shirt becoming damp with it and clinging to his skin. With the cuff of his shirt, Pierce wiped at the beads that collected on his brow. He wanted to remove the shirt, wanted to wear only the Haines undershirt beneath. He settled instead with rolling the sleeves to just above his elbows. He felt exposed, even with this small gesture. It took a conscious act of will not look down at his arms, not to snatch the material back down over his wrist.
Instead, he moved to the left side of the street. This way the traffic lane closest to him would carry oncoming traffic; cars passing close would see him from the front as he would see them head on as well. The vehicles passing from behind would be too far away. This was better anyway, less likely to be hit by a car that he could see. Although, if a car hit him it technically wouldn’t be suicide, regardless of his own negligence. Technically, he didn’t know for sure that a car was coming, even if he upped his chances...
The backpack over his shoulder slid down, Pierce caught it in his left hand and swung it around to search inside. It was packed tight; his clothes seemed to threaten to burst the seams. His fingers finally found what it was he was searching for. He removed a dark pair of sun glasses.
“It’s so bright out,” he said aloud to no one. Just as he covered his eyes with the shades, a tear ran free from his eye and down his left cheek. “Ugh, sweat!” he declared aloud though he saw no one around.
He wiped again with his sleeve.
“I hate sweating,” the whoosh of the beginning rush hour sounding as the sole response.
Pierce’s shaking hands fumbled with the zipper of his bag and a pair of boxer shorts tumbled free, falling unfolded to the street. He cursed under his breath and bent to snatch the article off the ground.
He missed not one, but twice. His reach grazing by both times to still remain empty handed. This was definitely not his day!
But it was. For even though he didn’t feel the invisible hands that gripped his hips and moved him to the left, he did feel a burst of air that hit him not a second later. He stumbled and lost his footing. It took a moment for his mind to realize he was sprawled backwards, lying in the grass that served as a shoulder to the street. Pierce’s heart was pounding hard in his chest and for a moment he couldn’t find his breath. The semi-truck that nearly hit him was getting smaller and had almost completely disappeared by the time he could move and was able to climb shakily to his feet. The front of the truck would have been too high for the driver to see his bent form.
Even though he could breath again, his heart was threatening to knock a hole in his chest. Pierce tried to calm himself, thinking serenely. His trembling hand managed to zip the bag closed. He glanced back for a moment and then went on his way, the boxers that had fallen remained in the street, cart wheeling around several times as vehicles paraded over it.

The name “Lisa” was what was scrawled on the tag pinned to her shirt. He ordered, speaking so softly the waitress had to bend to hear him, a sweet tea with lemon and a turkey club with sweet potato fries. Hold the mayo, sub honey mustard. Lisa smiled at him even though it took a third re-utterance for her to hear the entirety of his order. The way her eyes seemed to shift quickly over his features, the way a slight blush rose to her cheeks, the way she paused looking at him before going to place the order... She thought he was cute and he knew it.
Pierce assumed that this meant he wasn’t visibly shaken anymore. He was thankful the calm had finally returned to him, at least as much as it could given his situation. The hostess of this Deny’s had noticed it, greeted him as soon as the doors closed behind his entrance. She sat him immediately even though there were two parties in wait. Genevieve was the name that her tag displayed. Genevieve brought him a tall glass of ice water and smiled at him warmly. She said to him one thing before moving back to her station at the front of the restaurant.
“The trials of life are training for the battle here after; the Lord never gives more than we can truly handle.”
It seemed with that smile and sparkle of eyes, Genevieve could calm the waters of raging rivers. She was a slightly heavy set, middle aged black woman who wore a pair of pastel pink framed glasses. Her hand touched his when she had spoken. Before a response came to mind and passed his lips, he noticed those hands. They seemed impossibly soft for the ware of work and age that marked them.
In quick order, Pierce consumed his meal and a blue berry pie to boot. The iced tea remained untouched all this time but with a few deep gulps the contents lost the tea and retained only the ice. The waitress came by to refill the glass, the same admiring eyes and flirtatious smile. It seemed she started to say something but lost the words or her courage.
With a swallow she finally managed, “You have nice eyes.”
For a moment she waited, maybe for his response or to weigh the effect of her compliment. Seemingly without either, Lisa moved on to her other tables. He felt the color rise to his cheeks and the words that came too late squeaked from his throat. She was beyond the hearing range for his volume. Embarrassed or rude, Pierce couldn’t decide which he was feeling at this moment. Perhaps both.
Overwhelmed suddenly with powerful feeling and the lack of verbal talent to express it, he turned to his bag and pulled from it a nine by five, royal blue notebook with silver curves and spirals artfully decorating the cover. Carefully this time, he searched through the tightly stuffed clothing.
Lisa was moving past when he must have issued a sound announcing something of frustration. Mid step she paused, glanced at him, the table, and what he was doing. Most likely acknowledging the journal, she withdrew from her apron a pen and held it out to him. It took him a second before he noticed, so deep was his intent. Slowly then, the ball-point tip met with his awareness. His eyes followed the plastic instrument to the fingers polished with gold and on to Lisa herself.
He blinked and timidly took the pen, face blank.
He managed an awkward, “Thank you.”
Not lost after all, her smile returned and she winked.
An annoyed patron announced himself and Lisa moved to comply.
During the course of the next fifteen minutes, Lisa returned several times to refill his beverage and each time Pierce apologized profusely for making her works so hard. He was feeling much more at ease. Maybe things weren’t as bad as they seemed. Or so the thought began, but just as quickly it came, he rebuked it. Defiantly however, it hovered just in reach if he so chose to accept it.

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Saturday, August 12th, 2006
11:09 pm - angels
gothycblade angel's watching over me,
dancing all around me,
warning me of what's to come,
should i stay or should i hide?

running as fast i can, trying not to fall
and as i run, i start to shed my tears...

why would any of my friends do that to me?
then the angel comes up to me and says....
"fear not, for we are your true friends"

current mood: wow this sux

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Friday, August 11th, 2006
5:06 am - Ethereality, Prologue


He watched as the dizzying crowd hurried past him. A whirlwind of unsuspecting, unaware masses going about their lives as they had been for decades. The people as ignorant and desensitized as they had ever been. All their beliefs and religions were based on a surface faith. The depth and actual underlying thoughts were in doing that which they had been raised to do.

No one believed in him and his kind anymore, really.

The scene before him caught his attention then, his contemplations fluttering away. There were many races in this vast city, in the crowded streets. A melting pot of sorts it seemed to be. There were the dark skinned blacks, lighter complexioned Hispanics, the Asians, and the whites. These were the simplest categories to place them in; however, the races went far beyond those simple names. Their skin tones and shades were almost never exact in color with one another.

And the hair color was even more vast. Ranging from rich black, brown, shades of red and orange, coppers, and yellow to gray and white.

Eyes typically where of several colors. Brown was the most common, from a dark almost black. Hazel, which seemed to change with its surroundings. Blue, which was his favorite. And then there was the least common, green. Here and there he would see the occasional purple or red, which were almost always artificial, contact lenses. Those that had those colors as natural, well; these people werent natural themselves.



The voices seemed to rise and fall in volume at regular intervals, like clockwork. Different languages were spoken here and there, but either way all of it seemed to blur into a buzz of sounds, inflections, and tones. Whether the language was Spanish, English, or some dialect form of either, perhaps even a blend of both one would have to focus with a conscious act of will to pick them out.

Then take into account the thoughts. Each individual crowding the streets as they pass here and there conversing with a companion or walking alone, each one is constantly thinking. The words that echo within their minds then reverberate and resound as if it were spoken aloud, that is for anyone who knows how and is willing to listen.

For him sometimes he had no choice but to listen. It could easily become an awfully overwhelming distraction if he wasnt careful.

All the voices, spoken or otherwise, conjoined above and seemed to collectively flood down. The noise would bounce of the walls of the high buildings. Where as one could hear the roar of the winds cutting through the large structures of metal, concrete, and glass one could not help but hear the noises of the people as well.

Here and there people walked alone talking to themselves, or so it seemed. Most of them were in fact talking to themselves, but sometimes, sometimes, someone would walk by talking to the unseen. He would always turn his head and watch the pair pass by. Seeing how the ignorant people that the individual disrupted as he or she walked past, talking aloud to himself. The reactions were almost always scoffing and snickering. Little did they know.

This part of the world was suffocating with disbelief. Lacking in any conviction in anything other than what they saw before them, with their own eyes. Though several spoke of their god, few had the depth of faith. None knew the old truth. That the true God was something more than any of them could imagine. God was something they would dismiss if they had heard the truth.

He couldnt help but shake his head at them as they past by. Unseen he was by their eyes. Well for the most part anyhow. A few times, not enough to rave about, one would walk by with their eyes connecting his. All in all, he wasnt really seen by them. Those that did see him were more truly aware of something was there. Not a distinct actual image of him.

A sigh escaped his slightly parted lips. No more... daydreaming, as humans say.

He began taking several steps back in the alleyway behind him.

There were those that could see him however. They were out there. Those that had a piece of him and his kind, they were out there as well. And time was diminishing to a short end. He and the rest had stayed back and let the world flow as it must. Left it to how they, the people, had made it.

The shards were coming together however. The shards had moved into something more than shards, into pieces, 5ths, 4ths, 3rds, and in this specific case, in halves. It was time for intervention. And if his kind didnt act fast, the other side would realize what was upon them. A battle would erupt and that would not be good.

It was time to make the ties that bind. The ties that would connect this world with his, therefore bridging the gap and giving hope to these unsuspecting. But the other side could use it as their bridge as well. However the bridge that they would make would be disastrous. It would be a gateway for the belly of the beast, as humans say.

After he was in the shadows of the alley, and he looked about to see that there was no one that would be disturbed, he inhaled. Not a simple drawing of breath, but a deep, powerful collecting of himself. In doing this, he felt the contracting of all that he was and all that made up his ethereal form conforming to a smaller one, much of the same shape proportions. Then with his will alone, he called together all the elements that would make a physical human body, with working functions and aspects, completing with clothes to cover him, modern clothes.

When he exhaled a simple release of air, human ears would find the sound audible. And there he stood. About 6ft tall, of medium build, with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. His skin was dark, as if he had been in the sun. The clothes were simple, blue jeans, white t-shirt, and wind-breaker, plain brown work boots.

No these people didnt believe in his kind anymore. But then it didnt matter so much, because as they say, some things exist, whether they are believed to or not.

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