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Ethereality, Prologue


He watched as the dizzying crowd hurried past him. A whirlwind of unsuspecting, unaware masses going about their lives as they had been for decades. The people as ignorant and desensitized as they had ever been. All their beliefs and religions were based on a surface faith. The depth and actual underlying thoughts were in doing that which they had been raised to do.

No one believed in him and his kind anymore, really.

The scene before him caught his attention then, his contemplations fluttering away. There were many races in this vast city, in the crowded streets. A melting pot of sorts it seemed to be. There were the dark skinned blacks, lighter complexioned Hispanics, the Asians, and the whites. These were the simplest categories to place them in; however, the races went far beyond those simple names. Their skin tones and shades were almost never exact in color with one another.

And the hair color was even more vast. Ranging from rich black, brown, shades of red and orange, coppers, and yellow to gray and white.

Eyes typically where of several colors. Brown was the most common, from a dark almost black. Hazel, which seemed to change with its surroundings. Blue, which was his favorite. And then there was the least common, green. Here and there he would see the occasional purple or red, which were almost always artificial, contact lenses. Those that had those colors as natural, well; these people werent natural themselves.



The voices seemed to rise and fall in volume at regular intervals, like clockwork. Different languages were spoken here and there, but either way all of it seemed to blur into a buzz of sounds, inflections, and tones. Whether the language was Spanish, English, or some dialect form of either, perhaps even a blend of both one would have to focus with a conscious act of will to pick them out.

Then take into account the thoughts. Each individual crowding the streets as they pass here and there conversing with a companion or walking alone, each one is constantly thinking. The words that echo within their minds then reverberate and resound as if it were spoken aloud, that is for anyone who knows how and is willing to listen.

For him sometimes he had no choice but to listen. It could easily become an awfully overwhelming distraction if he wasnt careful.

All the voices, spoken or otherwise, conjoined above and seemed to collectively flood down. The noise would bounce of the walls of the high buildings. Where as one could hear the roar of the winds cutting through the large structures of metal, concrete, and glass one could not help but hear the noises of the people as well.

Here and there people walked alone talking to themselves, or so it seemed. Most of them were in fact talking to themselves, but sometimes, sometimes, someone would walk by talking to the unseen. He would always turn his head and watch the pair pass by. Seeing how the ignorant people that the individual disrupted as he or she walked past, talking aloud to himself. The reactions were almost always scoffing and snickering. Little did they know.

This part of the world was suffocating with disbelief. Lacking in any conviction in anything other than what they saw before them, with their own eyes. Though several spoke of their god, few had the depth of faith. None knew the old truth. That the true God was something more than any of them could imagine. God was something they would dismiss if they had heard the truth.

He couldnt help but shake his head at them as they past by. Unseen he was by their eyes. Well for the most part anyhow. A few times, not enough to rave about, one would walk by with their eyes connecting his. All in all, he wasnt really seen by them. Those that did see him were more truly aware of something was there. Not a distinct actual image of him.

A sigh escaped his slightly parted lips. No more... daydreaming, as humans say.

He began taking several steps back in the alleyway behind him.

There were those that could see him however. They were out there. Those that had a piece of him and his kind, they were out there as well. And time was diminishing to a short end. He and the rest had stayed back and let the world flow as it must. Left it to how they, the people, had made it.

The shards were coming together however. The shards had moved into something more than shards, into pieces, 5ths, 4ths, 3rds, and in this specific case, in halves. It was time for intervention. And if his kind didnt act fast, the other side would realize what was upon them. A battle would erupt and that would not be good.

It was time to make the ties that bind. The ties that would connect this world with his, therefore bridging the gap and giving hope to these unsuspecting. But the other side could use it as their bridge as well. However the bridge that they would make would be disastrous. It would be a gateway for the belly of the beast, as humans say.

After he was in the shadows of the alley, and he looked about to see that there was no one that would be disturbed, he inhaled. Not a simple drawing of breath, but a deep, powerful collecting of himself. In doing this, he felt the contracting of all that he was and all that made up his ethereal form conforming to a smaller one, much of the same shape proportions. Then with his will alone, he called together all the elements that would make a physical human body, with working functions and aspects, completing with clothes to cover him, modern clothes.

When he exhaled a simple release of air, human ears would find the sound audible. And there he stood. About 6ft tall, of medium build, with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. His skin was dark, as if he had been in the sun. The clothes were simple, blue jeans, white t-shirt, and wind-breaker, plain brown work boots.

No these people didnt believe in his kind anymore. But then it didnt matter so much, because as they say, some things exist, whether they are believed to or not.
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