ragwad (ragwad) wrote in angelicrealm,

Angel of Death


Angel of Death: (Malakh ha-Mavet, Mar Mavet, Malach Ahzari). God’s agent of death in the world and the most dreaded of all numinous beings.


First mentioned in Biblical literature simply as Mavet (personified Death), ha-Mashchit (the Destroyer), Malach-Adonai (Angel of the Lord),


And the Angel of the Lord went out and attacked the Assyrian camp; One hundred eighty-five thousand. And when they arose in the morning, they were all dead bodies. (Isaiah 37:36)


in later literature the title “Angel of Death” becomes conventional. God created the Angel on the first day, along with light. The various legends about the Angel are so diverse it is hard to reconcile them all….for the complete article, go to www.ejmmm2007.blogspot.com

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